Why Costa Rica?

• For its excellent business climate based on a recognized tradition of democracy, economic and political stability.
• For its solid infrastructure, access to telecommunications and because 93% of its energy is renewable.
• For its high quality of life and for being the safest country in Latin America, besides being one of the 5 countries with the best environmental performance worldwide.
• Because it does not impose restrictions on the transfer of capital funds related to investment, regardless of the currency.
• Because it does not apply any restrictions to the re-investment or repatriation of profits, royalties or capital.

Costa Rica offers the perfect environment to promote investment opportunities in the region, and the Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference is the framework where the main international key players of the industry meet to explore new projects, establish contacts and develop business networking.

10 %
Increase in International Tourist Arrivals in 2016
(WTO Information)
1.037 USD
Was the Average Expenditure Per Person in 2016
(ICT Information)
66 %
Of Tourists Traveled to Costa Rica Attracted by Ecotourism (ICT Information)
93 %
Of Costa Rica's Energy is Renewable
(WTO Information)

Where do Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference attendees come from?

Attendees include hotel groups, investors, banks, private funds, developers, architects and interior designers, regional government representatives and other decision makers of the industry.

For information on how to become a Strategic Partner please contact:

Pablo García Rosa
Business Development Manager

+54 (11) 5217-4535
+54 (11) 5217-4544

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