Present your Project

“20/20 Showcase your Project” is the platform aimed at showcasing and submitting innovative ideas and attractive projects to be developed in different destinations around the region and at facilitating the encounter between opportunities and interested investors.

The initiative comprises micro-presentations featuring 20 slides to be shown for no longer than 20 seconds a piece. The goal is to present the project’s key points in an agile and straight forward manner that may draw the audience’s attention by appealing to the effectiveness of images and project highlights.

SAHIC’s organizing team will present all the candidates that have fulfilled the requirements to the Planning Committee for them to do the proper evaluation and selection. A maximum of 10 projects that comply with the requirements as specified, will be selected.

Do you have a Project?
If you have a project and wish to present it at Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference, please contact Mariela Cababie, Marketing Manager:

Submittance of projects is an exclusive benefit for those delegates already attending at Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference.

Project presented in 2017:

Limon Hotel Zone

A Private Development CONSIORTIUM is being organized to promote the establishment of a number of Hotels and complementary amenities in a stretch of oceanside land south of the city of Limon. Target is 20 Hotels of varied size and type with 3400 rooms, over 10 years. Amenities include 5 Crystal Lagoons, Golf, Marinas, and Tourist Plazas. The Consortium will be capitalized both in LAND and in CASH by Limon and other shareholders, small and large. No shareholder will have over 5% of the shares.

The Consortium will promote investments by local and international groups to develop individual hotels, using its LAND to capitalize a correspponding portion of the Hotel equity, with the Hotel commiting to repurchase the Consortium’s participation at market, at year 7 CASH will be used for infrastructure and amenities investments, particulartly 1-2 Has Crystal Lagoons, to enhance location attractiveness. Other amenities will be sustainable golf courses, docks and marinas, and small “pueblitos” for locals to set up restaurants, bars, music, stores, etc, and venues to sell their services (tours, diving, fishing, balloning, etc).

Contact: Guillermo von Breymann –

*Note: The information about the projects was provided by the developer of each of them.